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Our work with individuals with disabilities, their families, and the communities they live in is built on a foundation of equity, patience, safety, and cultural responsiveness. We believe these are the building blocks in creating an exceptional mindset within all who experience Kanceptional. This human-centered, relational approach gives our clients the foundation and confidence they need to live out their exceptionalities to his/her maximum potential.

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Values, honors, and respects the strengths, diversities, and cultural backgrounds of all individuals, to support cultural awareness, and expand diversities within the community.


We strive to be innovative and achieve the highest standards while maintaining exceptional educational, technical, professional, and emotional service delivery.


Observe, listen, understand, and assist. Our compassion allows us to understand where we are needed and what we can do to help and celebrate when their needs and goals are met.


Ethical behavior including integrity, transparency, and maintain confidentiality, performance of duties in the community with a focus on safety, teamwork, competency, loyalty, and leadership.


Maintain community partnerships built upon honesty, trust, responsibility, and accountability between families, our team of professionals and the communities we serve.


Encourage candor communication with our clients, families, teams, and community. Our team of professionals works together in a combined effort to serve the organization's mission and vision.


We recognize our clients have different needs, experiences and backgrounds, and it is our responsibility to listen to and represent their voices in all decisions. We are committed to providing the best client experience possible in order to follow through on the client’s needs to achieve their goals/needs.

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What is Kanceptional?

The Best

of all methods

Our program incorporates evidence based practices from cognition, behavior, and humanistic therapies with a whole person approach.



We implement programs and services that are evidence and research based.

WE are here

for YOU

You’ll get the individualized attention and support you deserve, with a program designed to fit the clients needs and goals.

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We serve ALL!,

children, teens, and adults!

Children/Teens- Personalized, in center and at home based programs and services

Adults-personalized in center, at the workplace, at school, or at home for all ages, abilities, disabilities, and needs 


Partnerships-We partner with schools, county programs, and businesses to create programs and services for those they serve. 

“I founded Kanceptional LLC,
because I believe that every person has the potential to be exceptional in their own ways, provided the necessary tools, support, and experiences to be the best version of themselves”
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“Kandi works to move
her participants into
regular education environments

Marianne Crowley
Occupational Therapist

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