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Services and Programs

Every individual has their own challenges and struggles, but more importantly they each have untapped potential and exceptionalities. There is a way forward to an even brighter future for you or your child. Invest in your or your family's future and take the first step today.

Whether you, a child, or someone you know is diagnosed with a disability such as but not limited to ADHD, anxiety, a processing disorder, or you want to improve their focus, behavior, and anxiety levels a program can be customized to the client’s goals and/or your goals for your family. 

There are programs for all clients with any needs which include, but not limited to:



Sensory Processing Disorder

Learning Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Mobility, Vision, and/or

Hearing Impairments

Physical Disabilities

Mental Health Conditions

Other Medical Diagnosis

If you know of an individual that could benefit from any of the following services kindly fill out the 



Academic Services

  • Teaches social skills for proper school behavior and social interactions

  •  Develops accountability in behavior and academic commitments

  •   Short and long term placements

  •   Prepares the child to return and succeed at their home school with proper transitions

  •   Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  •   Suspension and Expulsion Services

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Personal Growth

  • Skill Building - Daily Living/Independence Skills- Personal Hygiene - Social Skills - Money Management

  • Self-Esteem - Confidence Level- Resiliency - Individual Identity

  • Responsibility - Self-care - Conflict Resolution - Decision Making-Commitments-Accountability

  • Community Integration - Community Citizen - Family Involvement - School/Home Mentoring Check-ins- Social interactions-Social situations

  • Inclusive Services - Differing Abilities - Different Experiences - Sharing Strengths

  • Transitions/Discharge Planning - Home Visits - Parent Meetings - Linkage to other community services

  • Emotional - Stress management-social/emotional skills-internal locus of control- frustration/anger tolerance

  • Executive Functioning skills–Flexible Thinking-Emotional Control-Working Memory-Self-Monitoring-Planning and Prioritizing-Task Initiation-Organization

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Crisis Service/Family Services

  • Crisis training for families

  • Family Services

    • The Kanceptional Family Services Program has been created to proactively assist youth and their families identify and develop skills needed for healthy family living. Skill development is focused on areas of social, emotional, self-esteem, self-confidence, independent living, and the responsibility needed to strengthen relationships within families. A child or family referred to the Kanceptional Family Services Program is coordinated through County Case Managers and Parent/s and or Legal Guardian/s.. The Kanecptional Family Service Program is an additional resource that can provide the services and supports needed to help youth and their families build appropriate skill sets that would benefit them throughout their lifetime.

  • Crisis intervention

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Kanceptional Café

  • Restaurant completely ran and operated by and benefiting those with disabilities

  • Opening Soon! Check back for more details as they emerge

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